Kirk, A. (2010) Leveraging Technology to Increase Enrollment, Capacity, and Revenues University Business, February

This is quite a good article on what is involved in ramping up a campus-based institution into a national online learning provider (never heard of St Leo University? It has 35,000 online students across the USA). It is the best of several articles by Presidents of US independent colleges about the impact of technology that have been collected together in the following book, available for free downloading:

Fennell, M. et al. (2010) President to President: Views on Technology in Higher Education Washington DC: Council of Independent Colleges


  1. Hi, Tony. I don’t understand how some think there is no room for large online developments, as this author. To date, we aren’t sure to what capacity technology will play in education. There are many predications as seen through blogs and podcasts, such as TED talk series.

    As well, through out the world, there are increased needs for education. I believe Africa has an enormous increase in youth looking for education but little infrastructure to meet this need. In the UK the education ministry is expecting more and more students to be part-time, regardless of age, in order to work and handle other responsibilities.

    Thus, online learning is becoming a viable means to educate, and limiting our thinking on it is futile. We have to think bigger, not just competitively.


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