University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
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International Conference

Pre-Conference Workshop —5th -7th September, 2010
Conference —7th – 11th September, 2010



It has become evident that the regular educational system is not capable of eradicating mass illiteracy on the continent of Africa and other developing nations. Therefore, the major vehicle to achieve mass literacy in line with the United Nations focus is affordable, quality, open and distance education for all. This 21st century initiative calls for continuous and constant examination of reforms and quality assurance/control to attain appreciable level, bearing in mind attendant challenges and peculiarities of African countries.

Against this background, the Distance Learning Centre of the University of Ibadan hereby announces the International Conference on Open Distance Learning to enable researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders from all over Africa and the world at large to come together to share their experiences and exchange ideas for taking education to greater heights. The conference is also aimed at capacity building of individuals involved with Open Distance Education in Africa.

In the light of the foregoing, the theme and sub themes for the conference are here understated:

THEME: The Challenges of Open Distance Learning in the Developing World

Learning Resources
Funding and Resource Mobilisation
Culture and Attitudes
Management and Organisation
Psychological Components of Teachers and Learners
ICT Issues in Open & Distance Learning Programmes
Developing Partnerships and Collaborations
Quality Assurance/Control in Open Distance Learning
Learner Support
Contextual Issues
Regularizing Practice
The conference will provide a variety of opportunities for interactions between researchers, administrators and policy makers concerned with the development and promotion of open distance learning. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for deliberations on implementable feasible modalities for moving African education forward through open distance learning.

Specifically, the conference will:
evaluate the various reform initiatives in distance education vis a vis sustainable development on the African continent and globally;
compare notes on how to ensure quality provision of education on sustainable development in the African economies;
critique strategies adopted/adapted by African Distance Learning Institutions;
recommend possible programme implementation strategies for accomplishing quality open distance learning; and
foster closer relationships among researchers, policymakers, and the mass media in promoting wider understanding of successful policy initiatives in distance education for emancipation of the African economies.

Policymakers in distance education (from the Ministries, Commissions, Boards and Parastatals)
Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Societies
Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Provosts
Development Partners
Students’ Unions and Associations
Researchers and Research Institutes
Education Media Men/Women
Interested Individuals

Person(s) wishing to present papers or posters at the conference should submit their abstracts in MSword/Richtext format, of not more than 250 words. The abstract should contain title of paper to be presented, Name of Author(s), Institutional affiliation, functional e-mail address and telephone no(s). Abstracts should be submitted as e-mail attachment to Mrs. Olubunmi Adeyemo; or




  1. We have just developed a Mobile Learning Solution which delivers learning content to special mobile handsets.
    The solution is designed as low cost and is on a subscription basis.
    We will like to present this at the Agbelekawe conference

    • Hi, Bukola

      You need to contact the conference organizers directly – I’m just reporting on the upcoming conference, and have nothing to do with its organization.

      Good luck though with your product – it should be invaluable,

      Best regards


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