Kyama, R. and Mwaura, N. (2010) Peacemaking with e-learning in Kenya e-Learning Africa 2010 News Portal, May

From the article (well worth reading in full):

In Kenya’s remote North Rift, the eLearning project “Good School Neighbours” is helping to bring peace to armed and nomadic peoples. The project gives students, teachers and opinion-makers the chance to encourage dialogue and peaceful co-existence between the feuding rural communities in this vast, arid region, home to around 1.8 million people, where armed cattle-rustling has been a way of life.

“Good School Neighbours” (GSN) is supported by SNV Netherlands, a Dutch non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting education, fighting poverty and improving local governance in the developing world. GSN is aligned with another project called “The North Rift eLearning Consortium”, also promoted by SNV Netherlands. GSN also supports a group of schools which are spearheading eLearning.

Philip Kiptanui Mwei from Arnesen’s High School, Kenya, and Mathew Kituu from The North Rift eLearning Consortium, Kenya, will present eLearning for Peace Building and Sustainability: Good School Neighbours Project as part of the session Building a Peaceful, Secure and Stable Society: the Role of ICTs, to be held on Thursday, May 27th from 11:15 – 13:15 at the e-Learning Africa 2010 conference in Lusaka, Zambia.

Another superb e-learning project from Africa – using technology strategically.


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