Lederman, D. (2011) Mend it, Don’t End It, Inside Higher Education, February 4

This is a useful article for those both inside and outside the USA who are baffled by the whole institutional accreditation issue in the USA. It reports on thoughtful discussions at the U.S. Federal government’s Education Department’s two-day forum on higher education accreditation.

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U.S. Network for Education Information. (2011). Accreditation and quality assurance. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education.

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Zemsky, R. (2009) Making Reform Work: The Case for Transforming American Higher Education Chapel Hill NC: Rutgers University Press

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    • Lydon University is accredited by the World Online Education Accreditation Commission (WOEAC). However, WOEAC is a voluntary organization with no independent assessment standards and is not recognized, for instance, by the U.S. Department of Education, so any qualifications from Lydon would not be recognized in the USA, nor I would guess by other national accreditation agencies.

      Lyndon State College is a two year, campus based college in Lyndonville, Vermont, and is a nationally and state-accredited institution. However, it has nothing to do with the online Lydon University (or Lydon State University, as Lydon University is sometimes misleadingly listed in Google searches).

      In other words, the online Lydon University is probably a scam, and if not, it is using dubious online marketing strategies..

      • lydon university accredited by global accredeting online education burea (gaoeb) no (WOEAC) please have information say with me

  1. please mr tony i want to ask about grendal university is it fake or recognized
    and what is The International Association of Online DistanceEducation for Online Universities (IAODE) is it real agency recognized or not

    • Hi, Ahmed,

      There are many thousands of unaccredited universities in the USA, and it is impossible to know them all and whether they offer a reasonable education or not. I’m not personally familiar with Glendale University.

      However, I suspect that this is a scam – see for instance:



      I’m not sure where you are resident, but there are probably better local offerings. For instance Pakistan has the Allama Iqbal Open University and India has the Indira Gandhi National Open University and a number of other state open universities, all of which are nationally accredited. They are all likely to be a better deal than any unaccredited US university.

      I hope that helps and good luck with your studies,

      Best regards

      • This Grendal University US or USA and their Phd degree certificate is a real and genuine university and not a fake university including not a scam and not a group of the Pakistaness to run this university and they are not a Pakistaness people because I have talk and ask them already about this matter. They are an America. Hope all the people in this world will understand and know about it including will accept this truly university by everybody.
        This Grendal University US is a real and accredited university that they can show and produce the proof and officially government letter to their students for some usage.

  2. I want to confirm this Mr. Ahmed Mohamed is a very stupid person and he is not really want to study at this Grendal University that he is just want to checking about it only. So Mr. Tony Bates think first before saying something that you are really know about it and don’t saying something wrongly about it. I want to make it very clear with you all that Grendal University is a real and accredited university because they can proof and produce the officially letter from the US Government Department and Malaysia Embassy Government Department in US. Therefore both of you all understand of it that please don’t simply destroy and accuse the Grendal University and their students to give bad name, bad personality and bad image, etc to them. If you all don’t want to study of it and want to study other universities please go ahead and don’t simply come to disturb us because of jealously.


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