Rosthorn, A. (2011) Questions over training after the riots New Security Training, Issue 8

Rosthorn reports:

Britain’s pioneering online police training website closes down next week, a victim of cuts imposed by the coalition government in the aftermath of a vast financial crisis.

The well-regarded internet-based training system, run since 2001 by Atkins Advantage System Solutions of Epsom, Surrey, and JH1 Associates Ltd. of Sandhurst had helped thousands of police and police community support officers follow individual e-learning packages to pass their training examinations.

 The system had run night and day with online courses for Student Officer (IPLDP), Sergeant (OSPRE Part 1), Inspector (OSPRE Part 1) and Investigator (NIE – Phase 1 of the ICIDP) examinations for study at home, in the police station or in the classroom.

 Students could simulate police examinations with multiple choice questions and explanations for answers with ‘automated knowledge checks’ to gather random sample questions.

 The system closed to new subscribers in January and shuts down on August 31 ‘due to cutbacks in UK police training investment’.

Yet Sir Denis O’Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England and Wales, had warned the Home Office before the riots that almost half the 57 police forces in the United Kingdom are inadequately trained and prepared to police major political protests.

Riots? They don’t have riots in Britain, do they? Ban social media or train police? Yet another example of the lunacy that goes by the name of government in the United Kingdom.



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