New Security Learning (2011) Virtual training for bomb dispersal experts, Issue 8

A German company, szenaris GmbH, has developed a virtual reality simulation for the three remotely controlled explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots tEODor, Telemax and PackBot EOD. While the simulation programme itself runs on almost any standard PC or laptop, the three virtual robots within it are steered via the original control devices.

The standard Remote Controlled Vehicle Simulation consists of two mobile or stationary computer workplaces for trainee and instructor and the control device for the robot. While the trainee gets the perspective of the simulated vehicle’s camera or the robot in the virtual environment shown on its monitor, the instructor is also offered training management software.

 With its help he can select a specific simulation area out of a pool of 13 different scenarios such as cars, buildings, airplanes and different kinds of terrains.


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