Schaffhauser, D. (2011) Mobile Initiatives ‘Breaking Down the Walls of the Classroom’ at Abilene Christian U Campus Technology, October 24

This article summarizes some of the conclusions from Abilene Christian University’s report on three years of using iPods, iPhone and iPads. Over 80% of faculty and students use mobile learning now in their studies.

Director of Educational Innovation Bill Rankin comments:

we’re going to see the classroom space becoming less and less about the place where people discover information and more and more a space for collaboration for stuff I’ve discovered or made elsewhere. The elsewhere–the real world experiences–become my primary classrooms, which is going to have massive implications on how we design spaces, how much space we decide we need, and on what we do on scheduling and courses.

All I can say is ‘At last – someone’s got it!’ Well done, ACU.


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