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The European Journal of Open and Distance Learning has a special edition on creativity and open educational resources

In their thoughtful editorial/introductory chapter, the editors, Elsebeth Sorensen, Graînne Conole and Asger Harlung, state:

researchers and practitioners… are still struggling to… mobilise … the latent potential of the new educational paradigm in order to enhance and make processes of learning through technology genuine, joyful, meaningful, social and engaging….Today, the pedagogical and psychological sciences are pointing to the need to address that different learners have different learning styles, while at the same time digital media have made it possible to learn or access the same content in a multitude of different ways. Furthermore creativity has been highlighted by a number of eminent researchers in the field as a key digital literacy skill that is needed by today’s and future learners and teachers….Open Educational Resources (OER) may offer enormous potential in supporting the development of creativity, as they can be used and reused by teachers and learners in a range of contexts…In this special issue we are interested in exploring in more depth the nature of creativity and how this might be understood and used to better harness the potential of OER.


Cinzia FerrantiExploring OER: Internet Information Literacy, Problem Solving and Analogical Thinking

Helen Keegan, Frances BellYouTube as a Repository: The Creative Practice of Students as Producers of Open Educational Resources

Maria Pérez-Mateo, Marcelo F. Maina, Montse Guitert, Marc RomeroLearner Generated Content: Quality Criteria in online Collaborative Learning

Niels Henrik Helms, Simon B. HeilesenFraming Creativity. User-driven Innovation in Changing Contexts

Paolo Tosato, Gianluigi Bodi: Collaborative Environments to Foster Creativity, Reuse and Sharing of OER

Patrick McAndrewInspiring Creativity in Organisations, Teachers and Learners through Open Educational Resources

Rita Kop, Fiona Carroll: Cloud Computing and Creativity: Learning on a Massive Open Online Course

Thomas Richter: Adaptability as a Special Demand on Open Educational Resources: The Cultural Context of e-Learning


This journal edition is packed with interesting ideas about how to use OERs to foster creativity in learners. We need to know much more about what practices work best and for what purpose in the field of OERs and this journal provides an invaluable guide to such practices.




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