Bates, T. (2012) Qué está bien y qué está mal en el estilo MOOC- Coursera America: Learning & Media en Latinoamerica, Edición 17

A translation in Spanish of my post: What’s right and what’s wrong with Coursera-style MOOCs

America: Learning & Media en Latinoamerica Edición 17 contains several articles in Spanish on MOOCs, as well as mine.


  1. MOOC that is Coursera is not massive.
    Enrollments are 100,000 finish is only 2.5 – 5 %
    But still that is a good number .

    What is wrong with Coursera :
    1.- Selection of schools is becoming careless. Elite universities will leave the Coursera .
    2.- Courses offerred are not the REAL ONCAMPUS courses . So the value of the course is disputable .
    3.- Coursera still did not make up its mind about business plan . Best is to charge a $ 10 per course at the beginning of 3rd week .
    4.- Quality of the courses : People complain a lot . Coursera cannot control the quality
    5.- Certificates are questionable . Are they real Stanford certificates or teachers certificates .
    Good things about Coursera :
    1.- A wonderful marketing company . They made the MOOC so famous within several months .
    2.- They had forced many universities to think new things .


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