December 23, 2014

Distance education in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar -2004

Distance education in Mongolia Distance education in Mongolia

Distance education in Cuba

A revolutionary tank at the Universidad de Havana

Distance education in Cuba Distance education in Cuba

Distance Education in Afghanistan

Kuchi family near Bamian

Distance Education in Afghanistan Distance Education in Afghanistan

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

A mosque in Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

South Africa

White rhinos in Pilanesburg

South Africa South Africa

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Formal education is the necessary launchpad for successful MOOCs

Why MOOCs are only part of the answer for higher education

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OK, except for the next post, which will be a list of publications on MOOCs for graduate students studying the topic, and a scenario for a ‘good’ MOOC, this will be my last post on MOOCs for a while. This is the conclusion to my chapter on MOOCs for my open textbook, ‘Teaching in a Digital Age‘. […]

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That was the year that was for online learning: thank you and goodbye, 2014

Well, where on earth did 2014 go? It seems as if it's only just started! What I did in 2014 2014 though is a significant year for me, because I decided to stop taking paid contracts from April (in principle, at least). As a result, I haven't been as engaged with the Canadian post-secondary system as previously (19 institutions in 2013), and since starting on my open textbook in May, I haven't … [Read More...]

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Using time and space in online learning

This is another post on the characteristics of educational media and technology, which form part of Chapter 8, 'Understanding Technology in Education' for my online open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age. Different media and technologies operate differently over space and time. These dimensions are important for both facilitating or inhibiting learning, and for limiting or enabling more … [Read More...]

Broadcast or communicative? 2

Are you broadcasting or networking when teaching online?

My next three or so posts will be looking at key characteristics of media and technologies, again as part of Chapter 8 on 'Understanding Technology in Education' for my open textbook, 'Teaching in a Digital Age'. In this post, I look at how media and technologies can be classified along the broadcast/communicative dimension. Key technology characteristics Understanding the characteristics or … [Read More...]

Casa Batllo, Barcelona - yes, it's Gaudi

EDEN 2015 conference, Barcelona

Casa Batllo, Barcelona - yes, it's Gaudi What: Opening Out the Educational Landscape This is the European Distance Education and eLearning Network's annual conference with several themes: expanded learning scenarios opening the classroom to expand education learning analytics from the learning perspective empowering learners expanded learning scenarios from the teacher's … [Read More...]


Choosing design models for a digital age

Oh, dear, it appears that I missed out in posting the conclusion to my Chapter 6, on Models for Designing Teaching and Learning for my book, 'Teaching in a Digital Age', so here it is: Choosing a model This chapter covers a range of different design models or approaches to teaching. There are many more that could have been included. However, it is clear that there is a choice of possible … [Read More...]

Don't just sit there - DO something!
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Moving beyond technology in designing online learning

This next post in my chapter on 'Understanding Technology in Education' for my book, Teaching in a Digital Age' is a long one, but it's a topic I don't want to chop up too much. This is probably going to be fairly controversial as I have a very idiosyncratic approach to the topic of media and technology in education. So let's see how you react to this section: Defining media and … [Read More...]

Moses + 10 commandments 2

A short history of educational technology

The first section of my chapter on 'Understanding Technology in Education' for my open textbook on Teaching in a Digital Age was a brief introduction to the challenge of choosing technologies in education. This section aims to provide a little historical background. This will not be anything new to most readers of this blog, but remember the the book is not aimed at educational technologists or … [Read More...]