September 2, 2015

Distance education in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar -2004

Distance education in Mongolia Distance education in Mongolia

Distance education in Cuba

A revolutionary tank at the Universidad de Havana

Distance education in Cuba Distance education in Cuba

Distance Education in Afghanistan

Kuchi family near Bamian

Distance Education in Afghanistan Distance Education in Afghanistan

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

A mosque in Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

South Africa

White rhinos in Pilanesburg

South Africa South Africa

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Taking the float plane to Victoria: always a wonderful experience

Thinking about theory and practice in online learning

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I ran a short face-to-face workshop yesterday on ‘Thinking about Theory and Practice’ for about a dozen students taking the Masters of Arts in Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University  My online open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age, is being used in this program and the instructors asked me to run a workshop […]

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The image is of Robin Wilson, an OU math lecturer (and incidentally the son of Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who helped create the OU). The floral shirt was de rigueur in the early 1970s (I had one myself).

Book review: A History of the Open University

Weinbren, D. (2105) The Open University: A History Manchester: Manchester University Press/The Open University, 274 pp + notes, £18.99, C$31.61, US$22.30 (paperback edition) Why you should read this book From the book cover: This analysis of the Open University's precedents, personalities, politics and pedagogies contextualises learners' experiences and illuminates the change in the values of … [Read More...]

An example from Jake Huhn's article

Graphics and online learning: a guide

Huhn, J. (2013) A Guide to Superior e-Learning Graphics, BottomLine Performance, August 10 For those instructors or faculty new to online or blended learning, this is a very useful preliminary introduction to the importance of good graphic design for your online learning materials. However, my advice is to team up with a graphic or web designer with experience in online … [Read More...]

John Moltalbano, Chair of the Board, and Arvind Gupta, the President , in happier days at UBC

Non-disclosure, plausible deniability and lack of transparency in leadership: UBC and the Duffy trial

The need to know Even if you have been holidaying in outer Mongolia, you are probably aware (if you are Canadian) of the trial of Senator Duffy and the sudden resignation of the President of the University of British Columbia. These two seemingly unrelated events however have common themes which I wish to explore. First, let me be clear. I have no inside information on either event. I don't … [Read More...]

Student at computer at home 2

Who are your online students?

Clinefelter, D. L., & Aslanian, C. B. (2015). Online college students 2015: Comprehensive data on demands and preferences. Louisville, KY: The Learning House, Inc. The survey This is an interesting report based on a survey of 1,500 individuals nationwide (USA) who were: at least 18 years of age; had a minimum of a high school degree or equivalent; and were recently enrolled, … [Read More...]

Teaching in a Digital Age: issues with Kindle?

I have had someone say that although they were able to download my book, Teaching in a Digital Age, to their Kindle in mobi format, it opens at Chapter 10 instead of at the start (the cover page). If anyone else has had the same problem - or others with the mobi version - can you please let me know by e-mail ( Thanks! … [Read More...]

Workspace in the EVEA3D platform

Book review: Teaching and Learning in Digital Worlds

Gisbert, T. and Bullen, M. (2015) Teaching and Learning in Digital Worlds: Strategies and Issues in Higher Education Tarragona Spain: Publicacions Universitat Rovira i Virgili (pdf version available online for 2.84 Euros). What the book is about From the Introduction [The book] examines the teaching and learning process in 3D virtual learning environments from both the theoretical and practical … [Read More...]

WebCT to BB 2

Is Blackboard Inc. really worth $3 billion?

Baker, L., Roumeliotis, G. and Stone, M. (2105) Education company Blackboard seeks $3 billion sale - sources Reuters, July 28 Fleming, B. (2015) The Real Vision Behind the New Blackboard, Eduventures, July 31 Phil Hill (2015) Blackboard Potential Sale: Market timing, financials, and some thoughts on potential buyers, August 4 I have a special interest in Blackboard. In 1995, I gave a grant of … [Read More...]