July 5, 2015

Distance education in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar -2004

Distance education in Mongolia Distance education in Mongolia

Distance education in Cuba

A revolutionary tank at the Universidad de Havana

Distance education in Cuba Distance education in Cuba

Distance Education in Afghanistan

Kuchi family near Bamian

Distance Education in Afghanistan Distance Education in Afghanistan

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

A mosque in Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

South Africa

White rhinos in Pilanesburg

South Africa South Africa

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The future of educational technology?
Image" © biotech01, DeviantArt

EDUCAUSE looks beyond the (current) LMS environment: is it a future we want?

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Brown, M, Dehoney, J., Millichap, N. (2015) The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment: A Report on Research EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative What is it about? EDUCAUSE has published a very interesting white paper that: explores the gaps between current learning management tools and a digital learning environment that could meet the changing needs of higher education. What problem […]

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How the relationship between First Nations people and Canadian society has evolved over the years. © M. Dockstator

Rebuilding the First Nations University of Canada

Tamburri, R. (2015) First Nations University poised to take on larger role in Canadian society University Affairs, June 2 As a follow-up to my last post on the role of Canadian universities in indigenous education, I'd like to draw attention to this excellent article on the First Nations University of Canada. This unique institution has evolved into Canada’s only aboriginal, university-level … [Read More...]

First Nations University of Canada, Saskatchewan

What is the role of Canadian universities in indigenous education?

Universities Canada (2015) Universities Canada principles on Indigenous education Ottawa: Universities Canada, June 29 Yesterday was Canada Day, and I am very proud to be Canadian. But Canada as a country has made an awful mess of its relationship with its aboriginal peoples, as the recent devastating report by the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission has made abundantly clear. The big … [Read More...]

The Open Polytechnic, New Zealand

A new online learning platform from New Zealand

Open Polytechnic (2015) Open Polytechnic launches online learning platform Lower Hutt NZ: Open Polytechnic I'm not sure the world needs another LMS (sorry, an 'online learning platform') but this one, called iQualify and built from scratch by New Zealand's major distance learning organization, has a number of features that advance LMSs to the next level, such as: being designed from scratch … [Read More...]

Any merger needs to resolve incompatible union collective agreements

What can past history tell us about the Athabasca University ‘crisis’?

It's not just the Greeks who are having problems financially, even though they are getting all the headlines. In earlier posts I commented on Athabasca University's so-called impending 'insolvency', as the president put it. As with all crises, the actual 'end' is never certain until it happens, so perhaps there's still time for the Alberta government and Athabasca University to learn from … [Read More...]

MoodleMoot 2

Conference: Canada MoodleMoot 2015

Most Moodlers will already be aware of this, but if you are not aware of, or are just moving to Moodle, or even just thinking about it (it is after all open source and free), this conference is a must: What: A Moodle Moot is a conference all about Moodle. The theme for Canada Moot 2015 is Connecting with Moodle. There are three streams: Stream #1:How it works / Moodle mode d'emploi Stream … [Read More...]

Aalborg's waterfront (in summer!)

Conference on digital learning for inclusion

What: D4Learning 2015, the International Conference on Innovations with Digital Learning for Inclusion (D4L), aims at becoming a biannual forum and meeting place for presenting and discussing: New digital/educational practices; New digital/educational environments; New and innovative educational strategies Design of teaching/learning for inclusion. Institutional policies with respect … [Read More...]

Image: computer lab at SUNT Purchase campus, © Wikipedia

Independent reviews of Teaching in a Digital Age now published

I have now received the three independent reviews I requested for my open, online textbook for faculty and instructors, called 'Teaching in a Digital Age'. These are now published, alongside and as part of the book, as Appendix 4. The process used to obtain the reviews can be seen here: The independent review process. A review from a faculty perspective by Professor James Mitchell, of … [Read More...]