This booklet, written for educational policy-makers in both more and less economically advanced countries, provides an analysis of the effects of ICTs on education and training, and identifies a number of strategies for national or regional policy-makers. Particular attention is paid to the costs and training required to sustain effective e-learning, and to the connection between national telecommunications policies and e-learning. There is also a focus on the impact of cross-border provision of education and the implications for national and regional governments. This booklet is essential reading for any government policy-maker with responsibilities for modernizing national or regional post-secondary education systems.

National Strategies For E-Learning In Post-Secondary Education And Training Paris: IIEP/UNESCO, 2002

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List of figures

1: The growth of e-learning technologies: revolution or evolution?
2: What is needed to support e-learning technologies?
3: Building on the existing post-secondary education infrastructure
4: Alternative national e-learning strategies
5: The costs and benefits of e-learning
6: Funding strategies
7. Policy issues for national leaders

Appendix 1: Summary of research into the costs of e-learning



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