The aim of this book is to assist instructors to make the best use of technology for teaching in post-secondary education. To do this, the book explores the fundamental educational and organizational principles that should drive the use of technology for teaching. These principles and the authors’ extensive experience of teaching and technology, form the foundation for guidance on how best to plan, design, develop and deliver courses using electronic technology. This book is extremely popular as a set text on graduate courses on e-learning, as well as a resource for individual instructors.

(with Gary Poole) Effective Teaching With Technology In Higher Education San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003

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Part I: Fundamentals of educational technology
1. The challenge of technology
2. Introductory remarks on knowledge, teaching and learning
3. The role of media and technology in education
4. A framework for selecting and using technology

Part II: Course design, development and delivery
5. The organization of teaching with technology
6. Planning for teaching with technology
7. Approaches to the design of technology-based learning
8. Course development and maintenance
9. Supporting technology-based learning

Part III
10. Change and stability in teaching with technology



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