“Getting Online” Research Report on Online Learning in Canada is Now Available!

The GO team is pleased to announce that A Research Report on Online Learning for Canadian Literacy Practitioners is available as a downloadable PDF document.

This report overviews the trends and issues identified through national research into online learning in Canada. It includes:

·             Research methodologies and initial findings
·             Current methods of delivering online learning
·             Successes and innovative approaches to online learning
·             Online learning technologies
·             Effective techniques for introducing online learning
·             Differences between face-to-face and online learning
·             Evaluation methods and results for online learning
·             Perceptions of the future of online learning

Next steps for the GO Project include:

1.         The GO team is currently researching and writing a resource guide called Bridging Distances: Promising Practices for Online Learning in the Canadian Literacy Community. This research guide will include the following chapters: Online Facilitation; Being an Online Learner; Online Course Content; and Technology. Bridging Distances will be available in late spring 2009 on the GO website.

2.         The GO team is also developing self-study, web-based training modules about promising practices in online learning. These modules will cover: Overview of Online Learning; Online Facilitation; Tips for Online Learners; Developing Online Content; Technology; and Future Trends. These modules will be available on the GO website in spring 2009.

3.         The GO Project team is offering an “Introduction to Online Learning” course for literacy practitioners in Canada. This 8 week course will explore a variety of key topics about online learning. The course has already been offered once (in Fall 2008) and it will be offered twice more in winter and spring 2009.

All About GO:

“Getting Online: Distance Education Promising Practices for Canadian Literacy Practitioners” (or the GO Project for short) is an innovative national project designed to research trends, technologies and promising practices in online learning in Canada. You can learn more via the GO website at: www.nald.ca/gettingonline.

We have also attached the latest version of the GO newsletter.

The GO Project is hosted by Athabasca University. It brings together various project partners including Community Literacy of Ontario, Writing Out Loud (Alberta), and Capilano College (British Columbia). GO is funded by the National Office of Literacy and Learning (Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program of the Government of Canada), and runs from June 1, 2007 – May 31, 2009.


Joanne Kaattari


The Getting Online Project

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education
Réseau canadien pour l’innovation en éducation


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