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Next events

e-Portfolio 2009 (7th international conference) Key Competencies-Skills for Life 2009 (3rd international conference) Learning Networks and Communities (4th international conference-previously Learning Regions & Cities)

London, UK, 22-24 June 2009

The main theme of this year’s is Innovation, Creativity and Accountability. It will be addressed over three days and three conferences:

  • How do we promote innovation and creativity? Why is accountability so often perceived as antonymic to innovation and is there a way to account for innovation and creativity? Does accountability necessarily lead to standardized tests, rigid procedures and impoverished practice? What new approaches to the recognition and celebration of achievement are being developed and implemented? Can technology provide a seamless environment between creative and innovative practice and accountability-for example ‘creative’ individual e-Portfolios and ‘accountable’ organisational e-Portfolios designed for quality assurance? How are learning networks and communities encouraging new approaches to the way we learn, work and live?

Past events
e-Portfolio & Digital Identity 2008,

Maastricht, Netherlands, 22-24 October 2008
This conference’s challenge was “breaking boundaries for human capital development and social innovation.” The objective was to explore how digital technologies, and in particular e-Portfolios and digital identity, are transforming individual, organizational and community learning and development, creating an opportunity for the emergence of new models and paradigms in the field of learning, employment and social inclusion, contributing to finding the solution to the challenges we are facing today, and will be facing tomorrow, in building an inclusive and sustainable knowledge economy and society. Proceedings are available at:


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