Bekic, Z. (2009) EQUIBELT Project Newsletter, No. 6

The goal of the EQIBELT project is to find the right way to integrate e-learning into the higher education system in Croatia. It is a joint project with partners in several European countries, and is funded by the European Commission’s TEMPUS project.

In its latest newsletter, the EQIBELT team asked their partners from European universities and project experts to answer some questions about the present and the future of e-learning:

• What is the present status of the implementation of e-learning in the world and what are the trends at the moment?
• How has e-learning changed university education (teaching & learning) at your university in the last five years (with concrete examples)?
• What do you think are the most important factors for success of e-learning in the traditional European university?
• What are the most important and promising opportunities of e-learning and its implementation from your point of view and from the official point of view of your university? How do you see the future of e-learning at your university and in Europe?
• Can you give us your brief overview of three years of our EQIBELT project?

In this issue you will find the answers given by:

Dr. Tony Bates, Research Professor in E-learning, Tony Bates Associates Ltd.
Simon Atkinson, E-learning Consultant, University of Hull, Great Britain & Strategic e-Learning Advisor to the College of Education, Massey University, New Zealand
Anna-Kaarina Kairamo, Training Manager, Helsinki University of Technology, Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli
Jan Thomas, Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Vienna, Austria
Professor Alfredo Soeiro, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Ene Tammeoru, Head of the Estonian E-university, Estonian Information Technology Foundation, Estonia
Professor Wim Van Petegem, Director of AVNet, University of Leuven, Belgium
Franz Reichl, Head of E-learning Centre, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Miguel Ferrando Bataller, Delegate Director for Distance Education and Life-Long Learning, Valencia University of Technology, Spain
Professor Jeff Haywood, Vice Principal for Knowledge Management, Chief Information Offi cer & Librarian, University of Edinburgh, Great Britain

The EQIBELT team:



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