Mitchell, B. and Geva-May, I. (2009) Attitudes Affecting Online Learning Implementation in Higher Education Institutions Journal of Distance Education, Vol, 23, No. 1, pp. 71-78

From the abstract: ‘This paper proposes that faculty acceptance of online learning is influenced by attitudes related to four variables that affect practice change: intellectual reluctance, support, change and cost-benefit. Inherently, these attitudes translate into behaviours that influence the level of resistance toward online learning.’

From the conclusions: ‘the findings (a) reinforce that attitudes to OLI (online learning implementation) are influenced by the four barriers identified in the DE literature; (b) in order of contribution to degree of concern with OLI, the barriers are: institutional change, support, cost-benefit, intellectual reluctance and job change: (c) finally, and promisingly, attitudes show an overall mid-level of concern with OLI.’


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