Percival, J. and Muirhead, B. (2009) Prioritizing the Implementation of E-Learning Tools to Enhance the Post-Secondary Learning Environment Journal of Distance Education, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 89-106

From the abstract: ‘This study examined Business and IT students’ usage patterns and perceptions related to a suite of e-learning tools through open ended and Likert scale survey questions.’

From the conclusions: ‘The results of this study raise important questions about student choice and use of online resources. The…small use of course casts (podcasts of F2F lectures) was surprising…. While few students listened to all the online lectures/podcasts, those that did achieved significantly higher grades than those who either did not listen or only listened to the lectures once…This study has demonstrated that students are demanding a greater degree of flexibility for learning in both blended learning and traditional F2F environments through their diverse use and high demand for self-tests, discussion boards, and lecture recordings. When asked what they would like to see available in the future students responded they were not content with the status quo.’

Other interesting results will be found in the paper.


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