From: In Partnership, May 2009.

The UK Open University’s professional doctorate in education programme is celebrating the registration of its 200th student this year. For professionals in education seeking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of
contemporary educational issues, the practitioner-oriented Doctorate in Education (EdD) is designed to develop skills in educational research which are then used to advance professional knowledge and practice.

The OU EdD supports research projects around the world. Current examples include the study of
special needs teaching provision in the Lebanon, an exploration of teaching traditions in the Czech Republic, the professional development of primary teachers in Cyprus, and issues relating to teaching English as a Foreign
Language (EFL) in the United Arab Emirates.

Students on the programme are often busy professionals supporting educational delivery in their own countries and the programme supports them in developing aspects of their own professional practice. Each student has a
dedicated supervisor with research expertise in their chosen area.

The OU’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) enables the student and their supervisor to keep in close contact
throughout the three and a half years of study.

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