Redden, E. (2009) ‘An Academic Revolution’ Inside Higher Education, July 8

This is a report on the first day of a large UNESCO conference on the implications of global trends in higher education. Points reported include:

1. Increasing demand for higher education (enrolments up 50% globally in 10 years) and fears about the impact on quality

2. A huge growth in private higher education: 30% of enrolments worldwide

3. The potential of technology to enable John Daniel’s ‘triangle’ of access, quality and cost to be stretched

4. Trends in African higher education, in particular “African universities are essentially consumers of knowledge produced in developed countries” (Blade Nzimande, South Africa’s minister of higher education and training)

5. Trends in global mobility.


  1. Is it not wonderful that knowledge is not consumed when it is shared with new people, and that the stock of knowledge is often increased in the educational process.

    How was the WCHE?

  2. Thanks for your comment, John.

    Just a point of clarification – I wasn’t at WCHE – I am reporting on a report from a journalist working for Inside Higher Education, so it is third hand reporting!

  3. Higher education must be consciousness oriented , talent oriented but we have made it cash and technology oriented , A person victim of Chronic diseases may have so many variety of food to eat but lack of efficiency to digest the food ,so use of modern technology will have no meaning without adequate talent , because higher education means sharing of talent not sharing of technology


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