McCarthy, S. and Samors, R. (2009) Online Learning as a Strategic Asset, Vol. 1: A Resource for Campus Leaders Washington DC: Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Seaman, J. (2009) Online Learning as a Strategic Asset, Vol. 2: The Paradox of Faculty Voices Washington DC: Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

An ‘unprecedented’ study of administrative and faculty views toward online learning was released on August 31, 2009 by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities-Sloan National Commission on Online Learning. The two-volume report contains the results of 231 interviews conducted with administrators, faculty, and students at 45 public institutions across the USA and more than 10,700 responses from faculty across the spectrum of teaching positions.

Selected conclusions (from the APLU Online Newsletter)

The faculty survey data indicate growing acceptance of online learning among faculty but highlight a number challenges, including campus support services and faculty incentives…..While faculty engagement in online learning is solid, faculty expressed dissatisfaction with the support services provided and the incentives offered by public universities. Faculty ranked seven of eight support dimensions as “below average,” including support for online course development, course delivery, and students; policies on intellectual property; recognition in tenure and promotion; and incentives for developing and delivering online courses. Only technology infrastructure was rated average.  Faculty gave the lowest ranking to their institution’s incentives for developing and for delivering online courses.

You are strongly recommended to read the full reports, which contain a wealth of information and suggestions, particularly for the senior administration in public universities.



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