Parry, M. (2009) Business Software, Built by Colleges for Colleges, Challenges Commercial Giants Chronicle of Higher Education, November 15

An article on the latest open source administrative software developed by the Kuali consortium. This is an important development, offering the potential for large savings on administrative software, but still likely to be used by less than 5% of post-secondary institutions in North America over the next five years, mainly because of the high cost in changing systems.

The software for the administration of research grants is the second system developed by Kuali – the first is a financial management system. A student information management system is the next product in line.


  1. Kuali Coues Research Administration Software

    A brief message Moderas, a Kuali Coeus Commercial Affiliate dedicated to the Kuali Coeus® product for research administration.

    As part of our ongoing effort to provide value and help our customers and peers we’re happy to announce that Moderas will be hosting a conference July 25-27th 2010 in Saratoga Springs New York catering to those who are planning to implement Kuali Coeus, and those who would like to learn more about what it has to offer their institution.

    In case you haven’t heard, Kuali Coeus is an open source research administration application available from the Kuali Foundation ( Kuali is just coming off their recent success with the Kuali Financial System designed to replace financial applications like PeopleSoft® and Oracle® in institutions large and small. Kuali Coeus is their ground breaking, free application, capable of supporting the pre and post award functionality of your office of sponsored research.

    We hope you can join us for in depth sessions on Kuali Coeus provided by staff from Indiana University, the University of Arizona, Johns Hopkins, and more. Come take advantage of a great opportunity to network with your colleagues during track season in beautiful Saratoga Springs New York and learn more about an exciting new product developed by researchers for researchers. Below is a list of the sessions currently on the agenda.

    * Plenary on open source software in higher education
    * Overview of the Kuali Coeus effort
    * Preparing for an eRA implementation
    * Tips for managing your eRA implementation
    * Integrating funding opportunities with Kuali Coeus
    * Institute Proposal / Proposal Log
    * Proposal Development
    * Budget Development
    * Proposal and Budget work flow
    * Pre-award Q&A
    * Technical overview of the Kuali Coeus application
    * Implementers technical
    * Implementers functional
    * Setting up sandboxes, test, and production environments
    * Data warehousing and reporting
    * Support and maintenance, post implementation
    * The future of Kuali Coeus

    Please visit for more details, visit to register, or call us at (518) 698.2446 for more information.


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