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This is the 1,000th posting on this web site since it opened on July 1, 2008, or roughly two posts a day, so self-indulgently, I thought I would provide some stats.

Of the 1,000 postings, 34 were personal blogs about e-learning, and there were 336 approved comments to postings.

The site averages 250 ‘hits’ a day, although over the last few months the average has been about 450 a day, with the maximum of 834 hits on November 3, although there does not seem to be a particular posting or reason associated with this. There were 12,668 hits in the month of October this year, compared with 5,529 in October, 2008. Most hits occur between Monday to Thursday, with a big drop-off over weekends. (You mean, people have a life outside work and study?!)

Apart from the Welcome page, the most popular posting is ‘Recommended graduate programs in e-learning‘, with 3,482 hits. This is particularly gratifying, as the main target for the web site is graduate students interested in e-learning. (I don’t take a commission for recommending programs, and only list those with which I am familiar, or are recommended by people I know and trust, so please don’t ask me to market a program, although I am always interested in hearing about new graduate programs on e-learning or educational technology).

Again ignoring hits on my biography and my books and papers, the next most popular postings were:

The Eight Classic e-Learning publications? 1,707

e-Learning and 21st century skills and competences 1,548

Does technology change the nature of knowledge? 1,411

The state of e-learning, 2008 1,059

E-Learning Journals 1,025

Laptops in lectures, 1018

E-Learning Resources for Post-Secondary Education, 1008

There are 407 subscribers to the daily RSS feed in 26 countries, and 118 ‘followers’ receive tweets (from drtonybates) when each new entry is posted.

I don’t know if this is good or bad – it just is. I am pleased though that there has been almost continuous and steady growth in the number of hits since the site opened.

Many thanks to….

Everyone who reads the posts, and especially those who comment.

Natasha Boskic for assisting with postings on virtual worlds and games, and to Lourdes Guardia for postings on e-portfolios. Burkhard Lehmann and Richard Elliott’s eLearning Newswatch are also important sources for postings.

Robert Ouimet of Bigsnit Media for technical and design support.

I also frequently aggregate news from the following online publications:

I am grateful for their excellent news-gathering and being allowed to report on their publications.

Lastly, I am always interested in new sources on e-learning, and suggestions and ideas for improving the site and making it more useful.

Now for the next 1,000 postings! But before that, I’m going for a walk

IMG_0082Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver


  1. Hi Tony! From me and all of the MDE community, thanks for your posts. I receive them via email and frequently share them with the MDE group either through our Lounge (googles group) or through the MDE Blog. I also hare several posts with UMUC administration. Maybe there is someone listening 😉 All the best, –Stella.

  2. Congratulations, Tony!!!! You usually demonstrate with no noise that consistent work is a key issue for sustainability …

    Thanks a lot for this incredible resource and network you started to create 1,000 posts ago!!!

    Best wishes for the coming 1,000



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