Lloyd, M. (2010) 18 Web 2.0 tools for instruction Campus Technology, April 28

This very useful article asks two experts, Sarah Robbins (aka Intellagirl), of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington, and Mark Frydenberg of Bentley University, to pick their favourite web 2.0 tools for instruction. Here’s their choices (read the article to find out why, and how they’ve used them):



If anyone out there has experience in using any of these tools for teaching, and is willing to share their experience, I’d be very grateful


  1. This is a nice list of web 2. 0 tools. I have used several of these sites with my classes. You asked us to share how we’ve used them in our teaching world….I’ll share a positive and a negative… One of my positive and ongoing experiences has been with Delicious. I teach English, Technology, & Graphic Design. I require my students to use my Delicious account to search for useful tutorials for Photoshop, where to start to find information on the Renaissance in England, and where to find inspiration for layout/design. They know that using Delicious is a better place to start researching than an open Google search. One of my negative experiences has been with Jing. I screencast different tutorials for my students…Jing allows you to screencast, but not longer than 5 min. In addition, Jing doesn’t create a file that’s easily editable. I just found it to be too limiting for uploading to the Jing site as well. I saw Screentoaster on your list…I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks again for the list!


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