From Natasha Boskic:

Serious games in elementary and high schools

Goldman, T. (2010). Miyamoto Focusing on Getting DS into Schools. The Escapist Magazine, 21 Mar 2010.

With the DS already being used in places like museums, galleries, and aquariums, Miyamoto told reporters about Nintendo’s plan to roll the system out “in junior high and elementary schools in Japan starting in the new school year.”

Serious games in higher education

Serious games learning community from the University of Notre Dame explores the use of games in higher education. Their goal is to find or create games designed to improve learning and implement those games in their courses.

Best Learning Game Competition

Playing History wins the 1st European Best Learning Game Competition Award in the category “Best Professional Game with a Budget over 40.000 Euros.” The players are transferred to historically significant and interesting time periods. They meet major historical personalities and experience history in the making.

Serious Games Design competition – the Disney Learning Challenge
Disney Research in conjunction with SIGGRAPH sponsors the Learning Challenge, based on the principle that fun and learning shouldn’t be contradictory. The Learning Challenge is designed to show that sophisticated concepts can be conveyed via entertaining interactions on computers that will impart Active Knowledge of Learning Concepts. The challenge is to develop an engaging Learning Application that will delight, inspire, and reveal key learning concepts for children ages 7-11.


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