Screen capture
Lecture capture at Stanford

MediaSite (2011) Third Party Research: Evaluating the Impact of MediaSite lecture capture on retention, recruitment and student satisfaction Madison WI: Sonic Foundry

MediaSite (2011) Lecture Capture’s Impact on Undergraduate Learning, Satisfaction and Retention Madison WI: Sonic Foundry

This is really advertising material, and I don’t normally promote commercial products (especially lecture capture). However, both publications are available for free downloading, and contain what is claimed to be third party research on the impact of lecture capture.

Having said that, it would difficult to track down the actual research for many of the results quoted, so a good pinch of salt is needed. Nevertheless some interesting statistics are provided.


  1. After the “overly loud yawn” incident via lecture capture that went online from the Cornell lecture capture system that I would say seriously affected Prof Talbert’s career @ Cornell, I think that professors & teachers teaching in these circumstances need to know that when their teaching is recorded, the world could be their audience–& critic. After a while, the technology can seem part of the wall paper & instructors’ professionalism can become lax. Our educators’ association should work to put in place a periodic ” professionalism” reminder notice–or even a reminder at the start of each session.


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