The penny post resulted in the beginning of commercial correspondence education when Isaac Pitman used it to teach his method of writing shorthand in 1840 in Britain

Capella University is a for-profit online university based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It offers a graduate course on the Delivery of Distance Education as part of its instructional design in online learning specialization.

As part of that course, I was interviewed, together with Michael Simonson, Professor of Instructional Technology and Distance Education at Nova Southeastern University, Florida, by Dr. Nan Thornton, program chair at Capella. The 45 minute audio recording of this discussion on the past and future of distance education covers the following topics:

  • Early involvement and dramatic changes in distance education
  • Leaders in distance education
  • Challenges in implementing high quality distance education
  • Opportunities and challenges for regional and global distance education
  • Key events that have dramatically impacted on distance education
  • Predictions on the future of distance education.

The discussion is archived in Adobe Presenter.

One reason I can talk authoritatively at least about the history of distance education is that I AM history!

Moble learning: the future


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