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Boulet, G. (2012) Rapid eLearning: Building a House Without an Architect, eLearn Magazine, February 2012

This is an excellent article by Guy Boulet, of the Canadian Navy e-Learning Center of Expertise, on Rapid eLearning. It provides a description, a critique, and a brief analysis of the benefits of Rapid eLearning, including a discussion of the role of instructional designers in Rapid eLearning.

Although particularly relevant to corporate e-learning, I have come across post-secondary institutions who have been influenced by external consultants to implement Rapid eLearning, sometimes with dire consequences.

For another view on Rapid eLearning, see: The Rapid eLearning Blog

Any views on Rapid eLearning, for, against or ‘it all depends’? Any experiences you want to share?




  1. Hi Tony-
    So glad to see this post- it is something that has been on my mind for quite a while!
    Rapid Elearning is prob good for remembering rules and lists of things in a more interesting way; but it has been confusing to me why a talking powerpoint can replace a teacher, and why clicking bullet points means engagement.

    To me, learning without a facilitator is like a body without a head (head being the source or guide). Learning is not about pretty or fun content; but about understanding creating building etc, and if you go for Vygotsky’s concepts, it is also about mediating, mentoring & scaffolding. Also, learners LIKE having a teacher around to say they are doing well!
    And a whole lot of other reasons.
    So I hope the latest focus on networked social learning might put the people back into corporate learning!


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