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eSchool News (2012) Online tutoring, speech therapy among new eLearning solutions, eSchool News, march 23

The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is now offering online tutoring for math and science for any student, not just those taking an FLVS course. FLVS online tutoring is available whenever students need it: any time, any place, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All students need to participate is a computer, smart phone, or other mobile device and access to the internet (and $30 and a credit card!).

FLVS online tutors are all college-educated instructors with a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in their area of expertise. The live, online tutoring sessions are conducted one-on-one with students. Tutors are available to help students with basic scientific concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as math concepts from basic through college levels.

The online tutoring is tracked by the minute, so students only pay for the time they use. Students may prepay for a plan or purchase tutoring by the hour at $27.99 per hour. In addition, the tutoring sessions are recorded and archived, allowing students to revisit previous sessions at no additional cost from their personalized video archive.

To help teachers and administrators, FLVS Professional Development courses are now available as well. Courses address literacy, Response to Intervention (RTI), student motivation, school leadership, and online teaching and learning. Certification is available for successful completion of the courses, the school says.


This reminds me of the HSBC advert in boarding tunnels at airports: Indian tutors now provide English teaching for 2 million students in the USA.

So $28 an hour seems a high price for individual online tutoring for school kids, especially when you can get the Khan Academy for free. I’ll be interested to know what the take-up is like at this price.



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