Wolfe, J. (2103) Concordia should re-boot its e-learning strategy The Link, March 5

I am seeing increasingly sophisticated discussions now on campus about the role not just of online learning, but the value of a campus-based education when students can now do so much online. As I like to put it, ‘What makes it worthwhile for a student to get on the bus to go to campus today?’

Julia Wolfe is the editor of Concordia University’s student newspaper, the Link, and also a student taking her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University, Montréal, with a specialization in Computation Arts. I liked this article very much because it reflects a well-informed and thoughtful student view of the move to online learning.

Incidentally, KnowledgeOne is an attempt by Concordia University to commercialize its e-learning expertise, and operates similarly to an outsourcing company such as Academic Partnerships or Pearson’s e-College. eConcordia is Concordia’s own LMS.


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