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Blended Learning Toolkit

The University of Central Florida has been doing blended learning for at least 15 years, long before video capture and flipped classrooms came on the scene. Based in Orlando, it is the fastest growing university in the USA. It was unable to build campus facilities fast enough to keep up with the demand, so started early in offering both blended and online courses to take up the slack. The result is that as its campus has grown and developed, its design has been influenced by the need to provide for both face-to-face and online learning. Because UCF has built up a lot of experience in doing blended learning, and has carefully evaluated its programs, it has fine tuned its design models and the resources needed to support blended learning.

The web site contains the following main areas, each with several sub-pages:


Building Your Course

Examples of Approaches

Institutional capacity and readiness

Model courses

Effective practices

Design and delivery principles

Student success strategies

UCF’s Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository

Evaluation resources

Faculty development


The Blended Learning Toolkit then is a very useful resource for faculty who are considering a blended learning approach. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Richard Elliott’s eLearning Watch for directing me to this.


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