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image State University of New York

Christianson, R. (2014) Herman Miller Video Contest Studies Learning Environments Woodworking Network, February 2

In a previous post, I highlighted the approach of Steelcase, an office furniture manufacturer, to the design of learning spaces. Another office furniture maker, Herman Miller Inc., is asking college students to answer the question, “Why does your campus matter?” in its fifth annual Student Video Contest. In particular they are asking students to:

show why attending a bricks and mortar educational institution is relevant in the world of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other online educational opportunities in a video of up to 3 minutes. In addition, entrants are encouraged to “make a case for space” in creatively demonstrat[ing] how they use all forms of digital communications in their individual and collaborative studies.

There is also quite a funny student video from last year’s contest. Stick with it to the end – it’s less than three minutes.

These are really interesting questions to ask, and I suspect that students will come up with probably more interesting ideas than faculty on this – however, all faculty and instructors should be thinking about this now, so why not work with some of your students to enter this contest?



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