This book is an essential guide on how to choose the right technology at the right cost for a course or program. It is a complete re-write of the highly successful Technology, Open Learning and Distance Education, published in 1995. Fully updated to include all the latest technologies in this fast-moving field, this second edition presents the user-friendly A C T I O N S model to help make decisions, by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each medium and technology, considering factors such as access, costs, teaching objectives, and organizational support.

Technology, E-Learning And Distance Education London: Routledge, 2005
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List of illustrations
Preface to second edition
1: Emerging trends: convergence and specialization in e-learning and distance education
2: The impact of technology on the organization of distance education
3: Selecting and using technologies in distance education
4: Print
5: Television and video
6: Radio, audio-cassettes and compact disc players
7: Web-based learning: access and teaching issues
8: Web-based learning: costs and organizational issues
9: Audio-, video- and Web-conferencing: access and cost issues
10: Audio-, video- and Web-conferencing: costs and organizational issues
11: Executive summary: what have we learned?
Appendix 1: Unique characteristics of television and radio

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