Managed by Natasha Boskic

3D Virtual Worlds
PROJECT WONDERLAND – toolkit for Building 3D Virtual Worlds

PANDA – for 3D models

RPG MAKER – RPG maker for Windows!

Google SketchUp – for creating, modifying and sharing 3D models

ALICE – computer programming in 3D environment

ACTIVEWORLDS – Virtual Worlds Building Platform

THIAGI – training through gaming

ROCKETON – for creating your own avatars (still in Beta version)


K-12 easy games
CURVESHIFT – designs and distributes digital tools and resources for K-12, including games, simulations and 3D learning spaces

POWERPOINT GAMES – templates for PowerPoint games

EASY GAME CREATOR – University of Saskatchewan resources

SERIOUS GAME CREATOR – University of Saskatchewan resources

SCRATCH –tools for creating interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.

STORYTRON – tool for interactive storytelling

INTERACTIVATE – for creating animations and simulations for science and mathematics

SCIENCE AS PPPST.COM – PowerPoints for science

DISCOVERSCHOOLS.COM – for creating puzzles

SIMSCHOOL – a classroom simulator for educators



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