Guess, A. (2008) ‘With Students Flocking Online, Will Faculty Follow?’ Inside Higher Education, Nov 18

This article discusses an issue rarely raised in the academic literature: how to find faculty to teach online courses. With more students ‘flocking’ to online courses, what administrative and financial arrangements should be made to encourage faculty in campus-based institutions to teach online and at the same time to maintain high standards? This article looks at two or three different models that have been tried in the USA.

What is clearly needed is more research and discussion on this important issue. In Chapter 8 of my book, Technology, e-Learning and Distance Education, I describe one method used in the UBC Masters in Educational Technology, but there are many other possible ways to pay for and organise the time of faculty to teach online. As institutions move more and more to blended learning, with different combinations of online and face-to-face teaching, this issue will become increasingly important.

If anyone can direct me to research articles or other studies on this topic, I’d really like to hear from you: – or comment on this post.


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