Australian Flexible Learning Framework (2008) National Benchmarking Survey 2008 of Flexible Learning Brisbane, Australia

In 2008 the Framework’s Benchmarking and Research business activity conducted the fourth annual national surveys of the uptake and use of e-learning by vocational education and training (VET) providers, VET teachers and trainers, and VET students.

The surveys, run in July and August 2008, captured information on the use of e-learning in all TAFE institutes, private and enterprise training providers, adult and community education (ACE) providers and VET in Schools providers.

The 2008 surveys of registered training organisations (RTOs) show that 36% of all VET activity now formally involves e-learning (on average across all states/territories and provider types). This continues an upward trend which has seen e-learning grow from around 3-4% of all VET activity in RTOs in 2003-2004.

This is a very comprehensive survey on the use of flexible learning and e-learning in the vocational and technical training area in Australia.

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  1. Vocational Education and Training is education that prepares the trainee for jobs or careers at various levels – trade or craft. VET focuses on practical applications of skills learned and education in vocational schools is hands-on training. Vocational training is therefore a link between education and the working world.


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