Villano, M. (2009) Expanding the cannon Campus Technology, October 1

An article on three projects where undergraduate students at ‘Duke University (NC), Coastal Carolina University (SC), Arkansas State University, and Harvard University (MA)– incorporate interactive technologies to enable undergrads to research local and far-off worlds and create meaningful, original content that furthers the study of their discipline for other students and researchers alike. The content that springs from this research takes the form of high-tech simulations, interactive lesson plans, and history-rich websites for the public.’


Although these are very interesting learner-centered projects, they seem very complex, use advanced technologies that will normally be out of the reach of many students, and appear time consuming for the instructors. It should be possible to design simpler, more reproducible learner centered teaching projects that make use of more readily available technology, such as mobile phones and cameras, combined with e-portfolio or content management software (such as WordPress), that allow students to collect and analyse digitally original material for projects.

I’d be interested if any of you have done anything like this – a collection of examples would be really useful.



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