Johnson, T. (2009) Electronic text books set to take over? University Affairs, December 7

An interesting article that explores the pros and cons of e-books, with Curtis Bonk predicting that we are approaching the tipping point for e-books, where they will go from a fringe activity into the mainstream. Myself, I think that is still two or three years away, because we still don’t have the right kind of interface that students want.

There is a particularly good example in this article from Ann Jordan of OISE, Toronto, of how e-textbooks can make learning much more interactive than a traditional textbook.


  1. It’s interesting that Kindles seem to be selling a huge number of Kindles at the moment. At least acording to Amazon.

    I think we will be a year or two yet. I wouldn’t invest in a limited functionality piece of hardware when it’s likely that new tablet computers in 2010 will offer a reading interface along with comms and apps.


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