Interested, have experience or done research on either:

  • education in the North/Arctic/Polar regions? or
  • prior, experiential, and informal learning in open and distance Institutions?

Then IRRODL is  requesting contributions for peer review and possible publication in two upcoming special issues.

The first is in IRRODL’s regional series issue and focuses on the North with a submission deadline of March 31.

Frontiers in Open and Distance Learning in the North
Edited by Griff Richards (Athabasca University) and Steinar Thorvaldsen (University of Tromso)

For more details see

The second addresses the increasingly important area (for both learners and institutions) of prior and informal learning with a deadline of June 18, 2010.

Prior, Experiential, and Informal Learning in Open and Distance Institutions
Edited by Dianne Conrad (Athabasca University)

For more details see

Please forward this email to your colleagues as appropriate.


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