Bacsich, P. (2010) Task Force Set Up to Promote UK Leadership in Online Learning Re.Vica Newsletter, February-March

Paul writes:

‘A new task force has been launched in the UK in order to help the UK higher education sector maintain and extend its position as a world leader in e-learning. The Task Force will begin by looking at four key areas: the current levels of online provision in the UK; the international market for online learning; levels of demand from new and prospective students; and perceptions of online learning in UK universities. It will also look at cost issues.’

Meanwhile, Canada has even less of a national strategy for e-learning now the Federal government has cut funding to the Canadian Council on Learning and withdrawn the broadband license for educational use from the Inukshuk project.

Incidentally, although the Re.Vica project has now come to an end, the founding partners have agreed to continue the excellent Re.Vica newsletter and maintain the invaluable Re.Vica site on virtual campus developments worldwide.


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