McCrea, B. (2010) How Solid is Your Clouded Data? Campus Technology, September 9

If you have the patience to get beyond the really irritating pop-up advert on every page now of Campus Technology, this article is worth reading.

Gartner Consultants have proposed a bill of rights for educational users of cloud computing. If any single article has put me off the idea of cloud computing for post-secondary educational institutions, it is this one. It raises some scary scenarios that should never be even remotely permissable. Nor does it deal with cross-border issues, such as the Patriot Act’s implications for foreign universities with data located on a server in the USA, for instance.

The real problem is that cloud computing applications are now so extensive and easy to use by all institutional users – faculty, students and staff – that strong, enforceable laws to protect privacy and the ownership of data on external servers are essential, not just guidelines and ‘opting-in’ contracts. However, given what governments are now doing to Blackberry in the name of national security, this seems highly unlikely even in a countries such as the USA or Canada.


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