‘That was the year that was – it’s over, let it go’ to adapt the title song of a 1960’s British satirical TV series.

To analyse where the interest was in e-learning, I did some analytics on hits on my web site posts. I published 366 posts in 2010 (up to now) and 1388 since the site opened in 2008. Taking out the home page, which had over 27,000 hits, and personal stuff, such as hits on my biography and books, here’s the top 12 for 2010:

Rank Topic Hits
1 Recommended graduate programs in e-learning 5,375
2 Great expectations for e-learning in 2010 2,877
3 The online higher education market in the USA 2,628
4 e-Learning and 21st century skills and competences 2,507
5 The state of e-learning 2009 1,916
6 E-learning quality assurance standards, organizations and research 1,765
7 What do instructors need to know about teaching with technology? 1,468
8 The future of instructional design – or my heart belongs to ADDIE 1,463
9 Videos On E-Learning And Distance Education 1,459
10 Comparing apples with oranges: online vs face-to-face learning in community colleges 1,295
11 International comparisons in higher education: the OECD’s Education at a Glance 1,227
12 Does technology change the nature of knowledge? 1,195

There were also a couple of odd results. I got so many hits for An e-learning web site from Tunisia that I had to remove it, because it was distorting my weekly statistics. Similarly, I also had a huge number of hits for A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but are Arab countries or Al-Qa’ida using bots for intelligence purposes? Or does anyone have an alternative explanation for the relatively very high number of hits on these posts?

Interestingly, items 1, 4, 9 and 12 were posted in 2009 but continued to attract attention throughout 2010.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions from these results.

There will be two more posts on the world of e-learning in 2010:

e-learning retrospective 2010: 2) how good were my predictions?

e-learning retrospective 2010: 3) a summary of the year


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