The journal “Distance Education” is calling for proposals for the development of a guest-edited themed issue that will need to go to press in early May 2012. Guest editors should send a short proposal using the following guidelines to the Executive Editor, Som Naidu, on or before March 31st, 2011.

All Expressions of interest in developing a themed issue of the journal will be carefully considered by the editors for the appeal and timeliness of the theme and its alignment with the scope and coverage of the journal. Proposals could be revised or combined if that strengthens it, and/or the editorial team.


  • Names and affiliations of guest editor(s)
  • A clear and concise statement of the special edition theme
  • Its relevance to the scope and coverage of the journal, and
  • The need for a focus on the theme at this time “Distance Education” publishes research and scholarly articles in the fields of distance, open and flexible learning. Its focus is not on technology alone, but on how technology supports these processes.

“Distance Education” is owned by the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia, Inc., and it is published by the Taylor and Francis Group. The journal was first published in 1980, and as such it is the oldest of all journals currently being published in the field.

Past themed issues include:

  • Volume 26, Number 2 (2005): Theme: Distance Education: Past contributions and possible futures. Guest editor: Peter Smith, Deakin University, Australia.
  • Volume 27, Number 2 (2006): Theme: Online distance education – New ways of learning; new modes of teaching? Guest editor: Rod Sims, Capella University, USA and Knowledgecraft, Australia.
  • Volume 28, Number 2 (2007): Theme: Distance education technologies – An Asian perspective. Guest editor: Jon Baggaley, Athabasca University, Canada.
  • Volume 29, Number 2 (2008): Theme: Distance education and e3-learning (effective, efficient and engaging learning). Guest editors: Michael Spector and David Merrill, Florida State University, USA.
  • Volume 30, Number 2 (2009) Theme: Researching learning design in open, distance and flexible learning: Guest editors: Sue Bennett, Shirley Agostinho, Lori Lockyer and Barry Harper, University of Wollongong, Australia.
  • Volume 31, Number 2 (2010) Theme: Mobile Learning and distance education. Guest editor: John Traxler, University of Wolverhampton and Jon Gregson, University of London External System.
  • Volume 32, Number 2 (2011) Theme: Distance Education for empowerment and development in Africa. Guest editors: Neil Butcher, Monica Mawoyo, Colin Latchem, and Lisbeth Levey. —————————————————————–

If you wish to submit a proposal, please send it to:

Associate Professor Som Naidu, PhD Director, Teaching & Learning Quality Enhancement and Evaluation Services. Learning and Teaching Services, Charles Sturt University, Gordon Bevan Building, Level 5, Thurgoona NSW 2640, Australia. Email:


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