October 19, 2017

Conference: EDEN Open Classroom conference

Ellinogermaniki Agogi: the first Greek school on the web

Here’s a chance to visit Greece before it disappears under a mountain of debt – hurry, there’s not much time!

What: Never waste a crisis! Inclusive excellence, Innovative Technologies and Transformed Schools as Autonomous Learning Organizations (all the right buzz words here).

Where: Pallini, Athens, at the headquarters of Ellinogermaniki Agogi, the host of the 2011 Open Classroom Conference

When: 27-29 October 2011

Conference Scope

Crisis, change and innovation

Recent waves of economic crisis and uncertainty have re-aligned a range of European and global issues. This sense of crisis and challenge however may also serve to energize system transformations, identify alternatives, suggest new directions and act as a driving motivating force when old modes are broken.

Registration: click here

How much: 350 euros (unless you’re Greek – I’m not making it up).

More details (including list of speakers and topics): click here

Seriously, this looks like an interesting conference, and the Greeks need as much support at the moment as they can get.






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