First, an apology. You may have noticed a reduction in the number of my posts the last few weeks. The reason: bone surgery. I had a partial left knee replacement and have been recovering from surgery. There is still some way to go, but I think I’m over the worse and will now be able to give more time to my blog. In particular, I plan to complete the last three steps in the Nine Steps to Quality Online Learning over the next week or so.

As part of the recuperation, Clayton Wright directed me to this animation from Ghost Productions, which combines art, technology and medicine in a truly spectacular piece of animation.

Fortunately for the world, I’m not Michaelangelo, nor did I suffer such a fall! Although this type of operation, conducted by Dr. Bas Masri at UBC Hospital, is now ‘routine’ (at least for the surgeon!), it is still amazing medicine, for which I am truly grateful.



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