Sian Bayne presenting at EDEN Research Workshop, Oxford
Sian Bayne presenting at EDEN Research Workshop, Oxford

My official report on the 8th EDEN Research Workshop is being released as a series of four blog posts by the President of EDEN, Professor Antonio Moreira Teixera. The first, which is a very brief summary of the keynote presentations, is available here.

The other three, which provide my personal analysis of the research papers presented at the workshop, will be published on consecutive days later this week and I will let you know when each is published.

Perhaps more importantly, the 40+ papers presented at the EDEN Research Workshop are now available in their entirety as a pdf file. If you have any interest in research in online and/or open and distance education, many of the papers are well worth reading in full, rather than relying in my personal interpretation. Happy reading, Ph.D. students!


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