My life in Wordle 2

I received this ‘gift’ from the Inholland Research Group Teaching and Learning with Technology. They took my ‘full’ CV (over 60 pages) and ran it through Wordle and produced this word cloud (appropriately in the shape of a plane, as I have a private pilot’s license). I haven’t updated my CV on my web site since 2008, so it doesn’t feature ‘online learning’ or ‘e-learning’ as much as it should, but otherwise it’s a fair reflection. Just a reminder though to keep my CV updated!

Perhaps more interesting is the second word cloud that they produced. They ran the entire text (all 500 pages) of Teaching in a Digital Age, and this is what Wordle produced:

My book in Wordle 2

I am very pleased that learning, teaching and students are the most used words in my book, with knowledge, skills, online, media and technology important but subsidiary. The word cloud really captures the issues and topics in the book and to some extent their relative importance. Also a few stylistic words popped up, such as ‘However’, ‘particular’, ‘different’ and ‘important’. Not sure what to make of that!


  1. Hi Tony,
    Congrats on your keynote and the gift of ‘your life in wordle’. Cool! I recall introducing you to this weird website called many years ago, before word clouds were so ubiquitous. Wordle was amazingly easy and lots of fun. And remains very useful.


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