Media studentsFrom ‘Key messages’ in the JISC Responding to Learners Pack

JISC (2009) Responding to Learners Pack Bristol, UK: Joint Information Systems Committee.

From the JISC site:

JISC is an independent advisory body [in the United Kingdom] that works with further and higher education by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use ICT to support learning, teaching, research and administration.

The Learner Experiences of e-Learning theme of the JISC e-Learning programme funded a total of ten projects from 2005 to 2009, to explore learners’ perceptions of and participation in technology- enhanced learning in a digital age.

Earlier research addressed learners’ experiences of single modules, technologies or curriculum interventions; the Learner Experiences of e-Learning theme covered the holistic nature of learners’ experiences of learning, with a focus on learners’ own words

The projects piloted a range of innovative methodologies and techniques for eliciting the learner voice.

Nearly 3,500 learners responded to surveys, and around 260 were involved in a sustained way.

The 5 guides in the pack are written for different roles within the institution and highlight the key issues relevant to these roles.

Guides for

1)Institutional managers (PDF)
2)Practitioners (PDF)
3)Course teams (PDF)
4)Learning developers and learning support staff (PDF)
5)Researchers (PDF)

These works have been issued under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0 UK: England and Wales licence (copyright HEFCE)


If you want to know learners’ expectations and experiences of e-learning, this is essential reading. It has a solid research methodology based on a large sample of British students, with research-supported pragmatic recommendations.

Thanks to Richard Elliott’s eLearning Watch for directing me to this.

Digital divide

From ‘Key messages’ in the JISC Responding to Learners Pack



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