Talent Ng’andwe (2010) Mobile Phone Learning on the Move in Africa, e-Learning Africa News Portal, June 28

From the article:

By 2009, about one third of the African population had a mobile phone subscription – as opposed to only 8.7% using the Internet through desktop computers (Internet World Stats). With approximately 360 million cell phone subscribers, Africa has surpassed the USA (270 million subscribers), according to the UN Information Economy Report 2009. And there is still great potential for further development. Will future African students, therefore, be learning from the telephones in their pockets rather than from the laptops in their classrooms?

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  1. The mobile “phone” is certainly a great medium for learning especially with its greater penetration into the market than the laptop. This allows them to take advantage of the phone they have to carry with them anyway. We are certainly progressing with podcasts as a teaching tool and when created as AAC instead of mp3 format, it is easy to embed images and URLs directly into the display when playing (I do this in my Talking About Glaucoma podcast). So iPhone or Android devices sound like a great idea.


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