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Kahumbu, S. and Kithika, C. (2010) iCow: Transforming Animal Husbandry in Kenya e-Learning Africa 2011 Newsletter, No. 2, December 15

Young technology entrepreneurs led by Sue Kahumbu and Charles Kithika have developed a pioneering voice-based mobile phone application called “iCow” that helps farmers to manage the breeding cycles of their dairy cows.The application handles dairy cow nutrition up to calving day, using prompts by the mobile phones now widespread in Kenya, even used by illiterate farmers. The pilot project won the “Apps4Africa” contest organised by the U.S. State Department and three African partner organisations.


  1. Greetings Sue, Our Group was greatly moved by u a “” I COW mobile “”. Especially when we saw u on K24 Tv on Wenesday 12 JAN 2011. We are from Kenya, Central Province, Kirinyaga District and we would like to try and be part of it . Our Group of 6 members have, 10 Dairy Cows, 100 Rabbits,10 Dairy goats, 20 Kuku Kienyeji, 300 Egg laying chickens, 100 ken brow chickens plus 6 bee hives. We also do some Organic farming with the manure we get from our Animals. in our farms . We have 1 acre of nappier grass, 2acres of baby corns for exports, where we do spray Rabbits Urine to prevent maize stalk borer. So, we want more information on I COW and ORGANIC Farming and where we can get the Magazine u talked about.. THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


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