Linda Harasim, one of the pioneers of online learning, has opened an intriguing new web site called, Ask, So What?.

What she has done is taken a post by Mark Smithers on the awful content in most online courses, and asked ‘So What?  So, what is the point of this post and what can we do now?   What has he learned about what needs to be done?’ This is followed by comments not only from readers but also from Mark himself.

I’m guessing Linda’s idea is to create a web site that encourages discussion about issues, rather than (like mine) a set of statements by the author which may or may not promote in-depth discussion. I look forward to Linda taking on some of the online gurus and challenging their statements.

I guess I’d also better watch my back from now on – but then I always do!


  1. Well, Linda taking on some of the guru’s is only part of the fun.

    I hope you all will participate and we can take on and challenge some of the paralysis in online education….so much promise, so few results. This is crazy…..and I’m not certain how to tackle is but let’s try.

    I hope that this blog will help educators to consider the ‘so what’ of their practice, and researchers to reflect on the ‘so what’ of their results. There needs to be a better interface between the two…to ignite some real change.

    Tony has logged on with a good post and has generated questions/comments. I invite you all to join in:

    By the way, I am tryng to turn the blog into a group discussion environment…a GROG? A FROG (blog forum?) Frankly, I am finding the blog technology a bit of a slog. Tony has done a terrific job on this blog…but trying to create a forum-type environment is challenging with wordpress. I hope to make ‘discourse TECHNOLOGY’ the topic for April.

    Currently, we’re focusing on CONTENT for March.



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